To Roll or Not To Roll

I am having a total mental dilemma at the moment.  I love being out in the desert, far away from the whole LA scene, but part of me misses it.  I had thought of opening up another studio in LA but that just doesn’t seem to be reasonable at all.  The costs alone will kill me and force me back into the world of commercial photography, which is a world I am super happy to not be a part of anymore.

This week I am making it a point to explore what the desert has to offer me.  I’m not sure exactly what direction I will head into, but I really think I need to bring my beach bum appeal to the desert.  I may have to work a little harder at making it happen and finding the right people to photograph, but I won’t have to deal with LA traffic, creative directors who just aren’t creative and I can just be me.  That last part is the best!

The more I write about this the more I just want to find my own little space out here and call it my playground!  Part of me would love to put an RV trailer in my backyard and use that as my new office, unfortunately I can’t get it back there without a huge hassle.  But if I can figure it out, I most certainly will!

What it comes down to is that I need a space that isn’t where I live.  I have too much going on at home to continue to use my home as my playground aka studio.  I love where I live and I’ve taken some great photos there.  But with family moving in, another business which my wife started and with all of the chaos of life I need a space dedicated to my work.  Nothing too big, just something meant solely for shooting, editing and creating.

Jessy by The Average Jim

I have no idea how big it will be, how I will pay for it or even what part of town in will be in.  I just know I need to build it.  Build it and they will come right?  I hope so, and I hope I’m not going crazy thinking I need to do it this way.  I had also thought of getting a cool old van and using that as my new traveling playground.  This is something I may still explore.  The idea of a rolling playground is something that really makes me happy and the little sparks of inspiration begin to flow!

Jessy by The Average Jim

Great, I can become that middle-aged photographer who takes female models out to the desert in his old van.  Not sure if this is awesome or creepy yet.  I guess it is awesome because I tend to not be the creepy guy ever.  At least this is what the models tell me, which always makes me happy.  I seriously never want to be that guy!

Jessy by The Average Jim

Welcome to the process that happens in my head.  I think I may have just convinced myself to get a studio on wheels when I was just thinking about getting a new shooting space.  I don’t know if I found any answers while writing this or if I am just going to be more confused in the next few minutes.  Either way, I will come to a decision, maybe.