Going Nomad

Over the past several months I have been expanding my interests when it comes to creative outlets.  For years on this blog I would rant on about the photography industry.  There is so much negativity in the industry, so much that it doesn’t even realize how negative it is and I’m just really sick of it.

I was supposed to speak at a conference a couple of years ago, luckily I booked a big shoot and took the money over the speaking gig.  Not even a month after this conference took place I got into it online with one of the people who spoke at it.  She was pushing some bullshit about how to promote your wedding or portrait business.  It is the same crap this one guy pushes who she paid lots of money to.  It is all bullshit, all of it.

This is the problem with the wedding photography industry, it is made up of lies and so many of the speakers have absolutely nothing to say that will benefit your business, especially if you’ve been around more than a year or two.  I love it when a trust fund baby who has been in business for two years wants to tell me how to make $100,000 with a wedding photography business.  Sorry, I don’t have a trust fund to fall back on.  And then there are some who have actually risked everything but since they don’t have the shiny objects, cool entourage or whatever it is people want these days their information gets swept under the rug.

Then there is a guy who has torn apart the industry more than once, sells a garbage product but is a great salesman who is celebrated by the industry time and time again.  If this is what the industry wants, they can have it.

El Gato Classic by The Average Jim

I used to have a decent amount of wedding and portrait photographers following this blog, I’ve seen most of them go away, which is awesome!  If you really think shooting with one camera and one lens is groundbreaking and such an epic idea, well you’re about 100 years late to the game.

Julia by The Average Jim

This is partially why I just do what I do.  If I want to shoot a skateboarding even I will.  If I want to photograph a model I will.  If I want to shoot boudoir photography again I will.  And it won’t be the cheesy, typical type of boudoir they teach at that big conference in Vegas.

The Average Wedding Los Angeles

Now I’m not saying I know everything, I’m just simply saying I can smell bullshit from a mile away.  I’m tired of being part of an industry who celebrates mediocrity and pushes really easy techniques off as a master class.  If you want to be a leader you have to actually lead, not just claim the title and try to sell a workshop or two.

Olivia by The Average Jim

I have a very wide range of imagery in my portfolio and it will be expanding this year.  I won’t be speaking anywhere nor will I be teaching any workshops again anytime soon.  I just want to take the time to enjoy life, create some cool products and have fun doing what I love and pushing myself to keep doing something new and bettering myself and my craft.

Roarie by The Average Jim

I’m not the best photographer in the world.  I’m not the best at marketing, blogging or playing nice.  I am only the best at being me, The Average Jim.  If you are looking for anything else, well you’re in the wrong place. 😉