I feel like I have learned a few things over the past 24 hours.  People who think they are art snobs really don’t like my work.  I kind of knew this already, but the way some of them patronize you really gives it away.  Some people value money and stuff far greater than just enjoying life and the whole idea of having more than someone else is a very “American” way of life.  I was also told by a woman that she can see why women like me, I am very “American” as well.  Like a hippie version of Clint Eastwood I guess, me being called a “Dirty Hippie”.  (Dirty Harry fans will get that bad joke.)

It was an interesting day yesterday.  Lots of great conversation and some not so great that I will forget as soon as I finish this blog, maybe even during the process of writing it.

To the art snobs.  Okay, read back in this blog, I am not an artist, and if I am well there is nothing fine about my art.  I have no desire to impress anyone by pretending to be something I am not. I like my cold beer, B-Movies and I cuss like a sailor.  I’m not going to groom my hair a certain way, wear a more expensive pair of jeans or spend $500 on a pair of shoes to impress you into buying my photos for $10,000.  If you have to go through all of that to convince someone your work is worth 10 grand maybe it just isn’t worth that much?

I do what I do because I love it.  That is it. No big secret, no long drawn out phony explanation of how art moves me to think about life and it’s serenity and how we are all connected as one by each dodge and burn effect I have done in post production on this tree I saw on a mountain top.  Dude, I just like to take fun photos and I happen to do it with female models.  Don’t get all pissy because you don’t think I fit into your idea of what I should be.  You’ll never be happy if you try to force others to think like you do.

Sydney by The Average Jim

The changes I made in my life a few years back are the best things I have ever done.  I just decided to be happy and to look at the positive.  Yeah I still rant about the idiots I have to deal with, but at least I feel very positive afterwards.

This also comes to my conversations about “stuff”.  Not even an hour apart I had two completely different conversations, one person lives a very minimalist type of lifestyle.  Very limited wardrobe, only owns what she needs and wants and is very happy.  The other person was talking about how he collects all this stuff that is worth money and then he can sell it and make more money to buy more stuff to sell to make more money to buy more stuff and the cycle goes on and on.  Honestly, buying and selling stuff seems like far too much work therefore I am seriously not interested in living like that.  I like to keep it simple, and I have also been getting rid of things lately, I like the minimalist type of life.  I still have a way to go, but I am slowly getting rid of all the things I really don’t need.

Portrait by The Average Jim

I was also called rugged and handsome yesterday.  I have no real philosophical thought on this, I just like the fact that I get told every now and then that I am good looking.  Nothing like an ego boost in the middle of the day.

With these conversations I did notice something.  There are those with old money, those with new money and those with no money.  The person I talked with who was from old money was very much an art snob.  But his perception was something that was based on personal taste as well as what he was taught was good.  If someone was represented by a certain gallery they were good, whether you liked the work or not that person was good.

Alex by The Average Jim

The person I spoke with who has new money, she didn’t know anything and really based her opinion on what she liked and how it made her feel.  She didn’t concern herself with what other people thought and was also very open minded about new art techniques and where the medium may be going in the future.

Mac by The Average Jim

The person with no money, just sat and enjoyed it.  Just smiled, admired all of it and had no worries about purchasing, selling or how to make money off of it.  He just took it all in and experienced it.  Which is exactly what art is intended for.  Enjoyment, an intellectual adventure of wherever the art takes you.  Art doesn’t care if you have money, art doesn’t care about you at all.  Art is there and it is what it is.  So go ahead, be a snob about it.  But the value is in the experience, not what it can do for your bank account.