A New Playground?

I really have the urge to open up a new studio.  I closed my previous one that I had been in since 1998 just about a year ago and while I love shooting at my home studio, I really feel the need to have a dedicated shooting space.  There are a few issues to consider before just jumping into another space.

I live in Palm Springs, CA.  It gets hot here!  So if I were to get another warehouse space, shooting in the summertime is not always the best option so there would definitely be wasted rent during the hot season.  That or the air conditioning would create such a high electric bill I may be paying more to keep the place cool than what the rent is!

I am also about 2 hours from Los Angeles, so I don’t really have the client base here to fully support having a studio.  And honestly the boudoir market will not support it out here, and that is even if I wanted to get back into that.

My biggest dilemma is figuring out how to pay for a place that would literally be just my playground.  I have many ideas of how to fund it, but of course all of these take money to start and time to build up.  And of course if I had a space to start creating these ideas like a new playground I could do it much easier.  This is definitely one of those situations of what comes first?  The chicken or the egg?

Kaley by The Average Jim

I have also looked into a shared space, but this also creates many problems. The first one is that shared spaces with the type of work I like to shoot means that those who share the space tend to “accidentally” stop by during shoots.  This gets really annoying.  The other thing is I tend to come up with some unique sets and as soon as I use them they want to use them too.  If I don’t let them it then creates this animosity.  I’m sorry you’re not creative, but don’t steal my ideas!

Lucy by The Average Jim

Plus, I like the idea of having my own space, something to call my own.  I am someone who definitely thrives in my own studio.  I may have to take the time to go look at a space later today.  I found one that is perfect, at least online it looks perfect.  Just gritty enough for me to be able to convert it into The Average Jim’s Playground, Palm Springs Edition.  Wish me luck!