No Hang Ups

When it comes to life, art, photography and many other things I think I definitely have a unique perspective.  This perspective has changed and grown over the years, but for the most part it’s core has remained the same.

I really, I mean I really like simplicity.  I love the idea of shooting with just one camera, one lens, one model and that is it.  My favorite backdrop folds up into a neat and small little square and I just need a few clamps to hold it up.  My entire studio can be fit into a backpack!

I have taught this method at my workshops in the past, some get it, some try to over process it and some just fuck it all up.  It is the nature of the beast.  People want to learn what I do, but then when they don’t get the same results they immediately think I’m nuts or am doing something different.  But I’m not.  When I teach (which is very rarely these days) I will give 100% of what I know.  It is the only way I know how to do things.

But perspective is something you cannot teach.  This is what makes your own work your own.  Even those who are closest to me probably don’t know how I really feel about certain things or even how I feel about most things.  I know I have a different view point on many things involving my work, methods and even how I gain the inspiration for each shoot I do.  This is the extra little bit of something that makes my work mine.  This is where I use how I see the world differently to create images of how I see the world.  I do walk through the world with this hazy vibe, I can’t help it, it is who I am!

Jessica by The Average Jim

One thing for sure is I don’t have a lot of “hang ups” about things.  I’ve worked with art models, fashion models, porn stars, reality stars, and just complete amateur models who have never stepped in front of a camera.  I honestly don’t get this whole Instafamous world.  It isn’t because I’m getting old, I do get how it works and why some people want thousands of followers.  But for me, it is simply about the image.

I like the way light moves differently around different models.  I like the different expressions I get from models when I give direction.  I like the spirit and soul my subjects bring to the creation of the images we make together.  It is our common bond and it is what connects us as people.

Jessica by The Average Jim

I like shooting nudes because it allows for trust, it makes it okay to be vulnerable, and it says it is okay to just be who you are.  The world needs more acceptance, and to me this is one way of showing it.  So yeah, my perspective may be a little different than some, but I like it that way. 😉