3 Channels of Anticipation

My obsession with vintage looks continues.  I was going through my archives yet again and came across this shoot of Jordan from a few years back.  This was one of my favorite looks of the day.  Sweater and a pair of thigh high socks, this always works!

I have no idea where my obsession with the 1960’s and 1970’s started, or even when it started.  I am starting to have more of an obsession with the 80’s as well.  Maybe it is because I just remember growing up in the 70’s (oh yeah I’m getting old) but the clothing and style are burned into my brain forever.

Maybe it is the simplicity I like?  I don’t know but I am definitely drawn to it.  Kind of like the action B Movies of the 70’s.  Bad acting didn’t matter, in fact you kind of needed it.  It was about bad ass girls, guns, fast cars and a whole lot of fighting.  Hand to hand fighting, none of this CGI machine gun crap going on in movies today.

Back in the day there were so many movies where women who had been victimized sought revenge in some very cruel, yet deserved ways.  I remember weekends before there was cable TV and I would just wait to see what one of the 3 channels we received would play that day.  Yeah, I could always check the TV guide, but I like the anticipation of not knowing.

Jordan by The Average Jim

If you watched these movies the women always knew how to act with their eyes, each and every look meant something different.  I think this is why I really like this shoot with Jordan.  Her eyes are awesome and she knew exactly how to express the vibe we were going for!

Jordan by The Average Jim

I might need to make a poster out of one of shots from this session.  This is also one of my new obsessions, making movie posters, hats, shirts, and whatever else I can think of!  I should probably start styling my own wardrobe with photos from my sessions.  I’ll just have to be careful of what I select, I do have to wear these things in public!

Jordan by The Average Jim