Ramble On

Holy crap, September is tomorrow!  I am seriously behind, or maybe not and just thinking I am because I can’t find some of my products I need to list on the site.  It has been a crazy day and probably just going to get stranger.  Nothing a cold beer can’t fix right?

I’m rambling, no worries, I do this a lot.  I’ve been brain storming new ideas, trying to book shoots and design new products all while also starting a new side to this business.  Okay, more rambling.

Basically I can’t find my buttons I made to be sold.  I have 3 T-shirts left and the new ones have not arrived.  I should be happy that things sold before I planned on them selling.  Now I need to order more.  I guess these are the problems you don’t mind having in business?

I may be starting a new indiegogo page, just to help with the launch of my new business plan.  I hate asking for money, because I hate money, but I hate banks more and don’t want to borrow from them!  I received a letter in the mail from one of those loan companies.  I talked with them on the phone and I was totally qualified for a loan of $3200!  At 134% interest!  WTF?  How is that even legal?

Olivia by The Average Jim

This is why I will probably launch a new indiegogo page tomorrow.  I only need a little help, well a little financial help, lots of help in the head, but that is another blog for another day.  For now, just enjoy the photos and enjoy a cold beer with me on this summer day!

Olivia by The Average Jim