I don’t have a clue

The age of digital media has actually been pretty amazing!  I was playing with this $150 point and shoot camera and the video quality was amazing!  I may have to buy it just to shoot video.  The mic was just okay, but the overall quality was far better than what we were shooting pro video with just 6 or 7 years ago.

The fact that I can shoot HD video for under $150 is incredible to me.  I remember buying my first HD video camera for $1700!  And that wasn’t too long ago.  Crazy how technology can advance so fast and I can barely remember to do whatever it was I was supposed to do today.

With all of the plans I have been making there have already been a few minor set backs.  My wife decided to try to move a very large rock with my new Mercedes.  Hooray insurance, boo high deductible.  So I’m waiting on estimates, totally sucks balls.  I may have more work coming up, but nobody has a budget, not sure how they think I am going to show up for no money but lets see what happens.

I spoke with a model at the end of last week, she was going to do a video for me, something cute, sexy and funny.  But apparently she doesn’t want to get back to me now so I’ll shoot it with someone else.  I have several other video shoots lined up over the next several weeks, but this one was something I really wanted to do asap!  I should just stop making plans and only book a week out, but that isn’t fun either.

Adrienne by The Average Jim

I remember years ago when I booked today’s featured shoot in advance.  I had no clue who she was or what her own site was.  Half way through the shoot I totally figured it out, she was way to good at knowing when and how to strip out of wardrobe for the shoot!

This is when I first started shooting more and more “adult” models.  I hate calling them that, they are models and they are good at what they do, plus most have been super cool people to work with.  I hate the stigma that comes with the terms of “adult” or “porn”, this country really needs to get over the whole sex being a sin thing.  Remember, you wouldn’t be here unless your parents had sex!

But I digress. This shoot with Adrienne was fast, fun and so easy!  I had a couple of sets set up in my studio, she showed up, picked out some wardrobe and in less than 90 minutes we had hundreds of photos to choose from. We chatted during the shoot, she talked about her website, about 10 minutes later I realized what she meant by “her site” and then I got in the groove because I then knew what she wanted to shoot!  Of course it was a little different than what I had intended, so we kind of met in the middle.

Adrienne by The Average Jim

I’ve never worked in the adult industry, I have nothing against it for the most part, but I just never seemed to fit in with the crowd over there.  I was told once I was too creative for porn.  I’ll accept that.

Of course I don’t know about being too creative, I think I just am totally unaware of the content which is required while shooting.  My brain tends to think about what mood I want and not so much is the viewer going to get off on this?  It is just a different mindset.  I’m okay with where my head is, slightly in the gutter but not fully submerged.

Adrienne by The Average Jim

And I still have no clue what I was supposed to do, still have not decided on a new video camera or which editing software I will use.  For now I am just pulling images from the archives to fill the spaces in between the rambling paragraphs of this blog. 😉