Flakes and Con Games

Photographers are flaky people.  I’m still trying to sell some old film cameras and I have so many people tell me they want to come take a look at them “next week” or something like that and they never show up.

I had a guy texting me last week (while I was trying to nap) and he asked a million questions about two of the cameras and he wanted to meet up today to buy them.  I text him back, no answer.  No surprise.

Of course I have flaked before.  Mostly because of life getting in the way or a paid gig took priority over a TF shoot.  I’ve been yelled at by models for this in the past.  But if they got a paid gig over a TF shoot they’d take it in a heart beat!

I was put on a black list by a model once too.  This is a funny story!  I booked a TF (trade for print) shoot with her.  We had discussed a concept which involved implied nudity, so basically nude but not showing any of her privates.

I then get a message from her stating that she is no longer doing nudes or implied nudes for TF and her rates begin at $50 an hour.  I tell her that we had already booked this shoot so I was not sure if she now expected me to pay her or if she just didn’t want me telling anyone that she did it for TF.  That happens from time to time where a model doesn’t want other photographers knowing she worked with me for no pay.

Chelsea by The Average Jim

But no, she sent me another message stating that I was expected to pay her $200 for a 4 hour shoot.  I told her we booked a TF shoot, I either expect her to honor our booking or I will just cancel.  She said she would not honor it but if I canceled I had to pay her half of her rate for such late notice on canceling.  What the fuck?  Yeah, that’s what she said, I was to now pay her for not shooting with her when her rates just changed after I booked her for TF.

Chelsea by The Average Jim

So I didn’t shoot with her, I didn’t pay her and she told everyone I didn’t pay her and to not work with me.  It didn’t change anything by her doing this as everyone seemed to know she was bat-shit crazy.  She once walked off of a shoot after getting pro hair and make up done because she didn’t like the location.  She also already had been paid for that shoot.  But she went to another hair and make up ready and got paid for that too.

Chelsea by The Average Jim

Some people are crooks, narcissists who seem to think the world owes them something for just existing.  No, the world doesn’t owe you anything simply because you have a pretty face.  But there is an awesome silver lining to this story!

I ended up meeting Chelsea (the model in today’s photos) because of this other model who I ended up not working with!  I shot the concept with Chelsea instead and let me tell you, she is such a better person and model!  I’ve worked with her a few times and even got her booked with a client along the way.  This is an example of someone who has a great work ethic and who shows up to a TF shoot because it later led to paid work and a killer editorial in a fairly big fashion magazine.

Chelsea by The Average Jim

I’m not perfect, but neither is anyone else.  The only perfection is when we all come together to make a situation better.  Working together is something you have to do in this business or this craft or whatever you want to call it.  All I know is that I am happy I had to cancel on the other model because I got to meet and work with Chelsea.  She is retired now, but I hope she will come out of retirement for one more fun shoot one day!