I am a big fan of mystery.  Not just putting it all out there for the world to see.  Of course that does have it’s place, I can’t say that I don’t admire some work I have seen that just goes for it.  But today I found some more images from a favorite shoot of mine a few years back.

Sometimes when I work with someone I will discuss some different ideas before we shoot and then play around with them on the shoot.  This shoot was different because we just randomly set it up about 3 hours before we met up in Malibu.

I had no idea what to expect, I only knew what she looked like based on her profile picture!  We ended up shooting a bunch of killer shots that day!  Some of them were more along the mysterious styles I like to shoot every now and then.  We shot everything that day, lifestyle, bikini, next to nothing and more!  It was a great experience and unfortunately I only got to shoot with her one more time.  I may have to reach out to her one of these days and see if we can set up another random beach day again.

Our 2nd shoot in LA was fun, and we definitely still had a great connection, but there were two other photographers there and it was a rented studio.  I prefer working alone, working in a natural setting or in a place where there is a little more privacy.  It’s just what I like.

Monique by The Average Jim

Part of what I liked about this shoot is I feel like I got to photograph the person as well as the model.  We had a great connection when we first met.  It was like we knew each other for years and we had this instant trust.

Monique by The Average Jim

I think I will always remember this as a great day.  It rained up north of where I was so I had to cancel a shoot and then this one happened to the south.  The universe definitely stepped in and made this happen.

Monique by The Average Jim

These are some of my favorite outtakes from the day.  The in between moments and the mood we both wanted to capture.  I will call this a win.