Feeling The Love

Life is about having fun.  This is something I preach a lot about.  I think I have finally gotten to the point in my life where I really just want to enjoy every single day to the fullest!  This doesn’t mean to live to the extreme or to do stupid and dangerous things.  To me this means to just do what I love to do.

I love taking pictures.  I love cruising up the coast in my car.  I love carpentry, B-Movies, art, not-so-good art, and all things vintage and a little rusty.  I drive by a house down the street every so often and there is this gorgeous 1962 Ford Falcon with no changes to it since it came out of the factory!  Original paint is fading, the seats show wear and the car just looks amazing!  I love this car and I have never really been a fan of this model, but I want it!

He doesn’t want to sell it, which I don’t blame him at all, this thing is gorgeous, but this is what I mean about doing what you love.  He cruises in the car part time, just because he loves the feeling it gives him.  There is some nostalgia to it all.  This is why I do what I do.  I like the feeling I get when I do it.

This week I was working on a friend’s house, installing new hardwood floors and finishing up their bathroom.  I love doing this type of work.  It reminds me of working with my dad, working with other great craftsmen over the years and to my younger days when this was the work I needed to do to fund my photography projects or musical career.

Chrissy by The Average Jim

I’m mostly retired from the commercial photography world, just a few gigs here and there for return clients who are fun to work with.  Now I am just setting up shoots that range from slightly stupid to super artsy.  I am hoping for a whole new series in my new Benz, Naked Travels 2.0!  I have some great models who I should begin working with in September, as long as travel, work and life don’t get in the way, the last quarter of this year should be pretty damn amazing!

Chrissy by The Average Jim

Here is to doing what you love and loving what you do!

Chrissy by The Average Jim