Making Movies

I almost have my short film completely written!  Holy crap, I may actually make this short this year!  I have been working on it for far too long.  I started writing it about 8 years ago and I didn’t quite know how to work in the climactic part near the end so I left it for a few months, then a year went by and so on.

I totally forgot about it for a long time, even forgot the title a couple of times!  I just go busy and life got in the way.  But I stumbled upon it on my old computer a few months ago and have been adding to it and have slowly worked in the way I want it to end and how I want it to arrive to this conclusion.  The coolest part it that it is a little more demented than I had originally hoped for!

Writing has been something I have loved to do since I can remember.  I loved writing short stories in high school, loved making them completely outlandish and yet realistic at the same time.  Now that I am older I realize that I am much more fucked up in my writing and creating of stories than I ever was as a younger Average Jim.

There are certain parts of my personality where my disgust for people becomes a great source of artistic expression.  This also gives me the dilemma of wondering if the people who I cannot stand are a necessary evil because they do give me artistic inspiration.  Oh the irony and the apparent need for idiocracy to give myself balance.

Cortney by The Average Jim

One cool thing is that I have a great pool of talent to pull from.  I have worked with many very cool people, several actors and models and those who wish to work with darker ideas and get creative with it.  It is good to have friends in the arts!

Cortney by The Average Jim

Funny story, I was watching Netflix and “Zombeavers” was new at this point in time, so I took a photo and put it on Instagram of my beer and the title credit.  One of the stars of the movie liked my photo and we started talking.  This led to a photo shoot.  I’ve included some of the photos in today’s post.  Maybe I should get her for my film?

Cortney by The Average Jim