Life, experiences and inspiration.

Inspiration comes in many forms.  One thing I have learned is that you really have to enjoy these moments when they come along because sometimes these are the days you will never repeat.

There are times when I work with someone, meet someone or just have a brief conversation with someone in passing which will inspire me in one form or another.  This is also why I have also changed directions with my life.  You can’t take your things with you when you’re gone, but the memories and experiences can never be taken away!  I want more experiences, to meet more interesting people and to simply enjoy my time.

The timing of moments is something which makes me very curious.  Many times I have met people who are in-between in their lives and exploring different avenues of expression.  Some models I have worked with, I believe, feel that the only way they can actually show who they truly are is through modeling.  It is as if their real life is the act and when they model they tear down the wall and show their real self.  While others are who they are and the modeling allows them to release a creative side.  Each are wonderful in their own right but the first is something very interesting to me.

On more than one occasion I have photographed someone who has always wanted to be in front of the camera but not for fame, fortune or attention.  They really feel as though this is the only way they can escape their pretend life.  I worked with a boudoir client a couple of years ago who has a very conservative job, her family was very goal and job orientated and she followed their advice and went to school and got a job.  But she had no way of expressing herself until she hired me.

Audrey by The Average Jim

Unfortunately I cannot share her images as much as I love the photos we created.  But the moments will last in my brain.  The experience of meeting her and working with her to help her express herself will always be a great memory.  These are the things I can take with me and this is what I can share here on this site.

Because of society and expectations of others I also meet a lot of people who have brief moments of “freedom”.  I have worked with a few models, or people who have a desire to be a model and one very common situation is when they are in between boyfriends.  Jealous boyfriends are probably the biggest cause of a model’s career failure.  I have an incredible project I want to shoot, a willing model, but her boyfriend is jealous and will be a total problem.  So it just won’t happen.

Audrey by The Average Jim

But then there are the models who have had a jealous boyfriend, break up, shoot something amazing with me, and a month or two later they have a new jealous boyfriend and will probably never shoot with me again.  But again.  I have these moments of greatness in between.

I’m kind of rambling.  It is early in the morning while I write this as I open my wife’s coffee shop.  Yes, one of my many jobs these days.  But I just hope people will learn to take the moments of their life they enjoy the most and do everything they can to repeat them as often as possible.  Express yourself, live your life and don’t let the pressure of others or the jealousy of others dictate your life.

Audrey by The Average Jim

A great example is the shoot I am posting today.  Everything just worked out to make this shoot happen.  Great timing, the right attitude, we agreed on everything and both of us just seemed to inspire each other that day.  I honestly don’t know her backstory and we have not shot since this shoot.  Maybe I will get to work with Audrey again, maybe not.  But I have the memories of a fun day and a great shoot with a cool person.