Planning A Plan

Why do people always want to short change you?  I’m selling cameras, they’re online, there are photos from all angles and a detailed description of what is available and yet people still send me stupid questions in emails.  “What type of camera is it? What comes with it? How much is it?”  Really, did you not read any of this?

The dumber your questions the less likely I am to give you a discounted price.  I will make you pay for hurting my head with your own idiocy.  Is that harsh?  Nah.

This reminds me of a shoot I did in San Diego a while back.  The model was cool, her friends were hilarious.  They kept texting her during the shoot asking if she was okay, asking if I was trying to get her to shoot porn and more and more questions.  We had discussed sending them some very odd photos to make them wonder what we were actually shooting, but we figured that they might freak out and call the cops or something.  I liked this model.


For some reason people always think someone is out to get them or trying rip them off.  I guess it is human nature, and I guess it must be human nature to ask stupid questions too.

Alex by The Average Jim

Another reason I was reminded of this shoot was because Alex (the model) and I shot a very funny video.  Some may not find it funny, but we had a blast shooting it!  It was a totally random interview in a hotel room, and this is probably why her friends thought it would be porn, but it was innocent and just fun.  She talked about a photo shoot where she was nude and people ate food off of her, which is not the first time I’ve worked with someone who has done this before.

Alex by The Average Jim

I miss these random shoots.  No real reason to have it other than to have fun and do something different.  I need more of this in my life.  I am definitely planning to do more shoots soon, last minute, no plan random stuff.  Photography without a plan.  Sounds like a plan to me!