Vacation Time

I am a terrible business owner.  I hate money, I like my free time way too much and I don’t like to have a set schedule.  I like my freedom which is why I started my own business to begin with.

Back in the 90’s I had a rule where I took off for a vacation or road trip every two months or less.  I miss those days.  Somehow I started to love what I did for a living so it never really felt like work.  Now it still doesn’t really feel like work, unless it is collecting payments from people who seem to always run late paying for my services.

I think this is something all business owners go through, but for me this time is a little different.  The industry has changed and I really don’t like where it has been going.  I may piss some people off by saying this but that has never stopped me before.  This industry is filled with a bunch of people who have no clue what photography is, but yet they want to sell to other photographers and it is also filled with a bunch of perverted men who take really boring photos of young beautiful women.  Unfortunately I probably fall in the middle somewhere.

I tried selling stuff to photographers, it wasn’t my thing, I’d rather be shooting.  Yes I work with young beautiful women, but I’m happily married and have no desire to date anyone I work with.  But I’m also not really a traditional artist.  I am just me, the more I realize that the more I realize I have nothing to sell other than the funky little products I make.

Robyn by The Average Jim

I saw this photographer on Facebook doing a live video where she just came back from meeting with potential clients and she was asking other photographers if they had any questions for her about what she says during meetings.  Seriously?  Every wedding and portrait photographer out there seems to want to sell their services to other photographers.  I’m too old for this shit.

From now on I’m going to avoid the industry as much as possible.  I will try not to bitch about it too much and just do my thing over here in my little corner of the desert.  I’m not really sure where this road is taking me, but if it takes me far away from the snake oil salesmen of the industry I will be a very happy man!

Robyn by The Average Jim

This is going to be a slow month for me, but come September things will be picking up again.  More vacation time, more shoots, more fun!  No idea how I’m paying my bills, but I’ll figure that out as I go. 😉