Running from Narcissism

It is still happening.  The hypocrisy of the industry is even worse these days when you add in the narcissism of the industry.  Once again I received an email from a model letting me know how she would love to work with me again.  Again?  I’ve never worked with her.  But she is only taking paid work.

Here is the thing.  I can respect that, we all gotta eat right?  But she is also a photographer now and she refuses to pay models to pose for her.  Hypocrite much?  Seriously, you are a beginning photographer and yet you expect models to pose for you for free yet you yourself will not pose for trade?

This sense of entitlement drives me nuts.  Honestly I am all for paying people, but when you hit me up for paid work, but you still want images from me I think this is kind of bullshit especially since you think you are good enough to not have to pay models.  I can repeat this over and over but it won’t change the situation.  This has nothing to do with making a living.  It has everything to do with thinking you deserve something more than other people may deserve.

I really like this model’s work, but I will not work with her.  Even for trade or even if she wanted to pay me, but I know she would never offer to pay me.  She does what she does for the attention and calls that art.  Art is about passion, not about getting people to pay you to do the same poses you do for everyone else.

Roarie by The Average Jim

This is one more reason why I am working with fewer and fewer people these days.  I have a handful of models I love working with and am meeting a few more here and there.  I like it like this.  No more drama, no more sense of entitlement.  Just a pure love of creating something great for the sake of creating something we both love.  Whether it is silly or serious, it is who we were at the time it was created.  That is the purity I seek out in my work.  And if someone can’t bring that to the table, I just don’t want to work with them.

Roarie by The Average Jim

Today’s images are of Roarie, and she is as cool as they get.  Love working with her!