Wow… Nice gear

I have not posted in a while because, well, I just have not wanted to.  But today I saw something which sparked this little bit of asshole I have in me.  There is a photographer (a few of them actually) who constantly posts images online of his work.  He hires models, takes photos of them in his studio and puts them on social media.  Here is my issue.

First, he thinks he is amazing.  Now as photographers we all think we do good work, we have to otherwise we would all be more like painters who cut off their ears and are all depressed about the world.  So no, we are kind of arrogant.  I get it, I can forgive his arrogance based off of my own.

Second, he will tell you all about the technical aspects of his work.  The color of the backdrop, the lighting system, the type of fabric of the wardrobe.  He will then start talking about his super expensive gear.  Which $50,000 camera body and which $10,000 lens and what software he is using to process these “amazing” images.

Mac by The Average Jim

Now I’m not jealous of the gear, I can rent that stuff if I want and I have used it before.  It is nice, but honestly I would never buy it!  That is just me.  I like my older used, beat up gear.  It is kind of like me.  Rough around the edges and scruffy.

Third, and lastly.  If you are using $75,000.00 worth of gear and paying a model $150/hour to shoot please stop posting the most boring, least creative work I have ever seen in my life!  Stop bragging about your gear and start learning how to expand!

Alex by The Average Jim

Yes the images are properly lit, but they are not creatively lit.  The model is posing but her face and body language are vague and you can tell she has been given no direction whatsoever.  Not even a concept of intention.

Now I don’t care if someone is a good photographer or not.  But if you’re going to brag about how amazing you are, please start showing something that is at least fairly good.

Katie by The Average Jim

So for shits and giggles I am posting some images from my Polaroid collection.  A $25 camera, some expired Polaroid Spectra 1200 film and models.  Personally I like things gritty, fun, silly and sexy.  I’ll leave the tech talk to anyone else.

Olivia Alexander by The Average Jim