The Average Month is approaching!  Yes, September is my birthday and this is always the new beginning to my creative year.  And this September is going to be huge!  It is happening, The Average Store will be back and better than ever!

There will be several new books available along with new t-shirts, old t-shirt designs as well, stickers, postcards and many more items will be up for sale!

This has been a very busy year so far.  I’ve been totally slacking on The Archives because my wife just opened up a new business and I have been helping her get that off the ground.  My friends bought a new house and I have been helping them remodel and now I’m launching a whole new part of my business.  I went from not really liking to work, to working over 80 hours a week!  What is wrong with me?

I have some new shoots planned for the new product line and cannot wait to make it all happen.  I also have more beach shoots planned, it has been way too long since I shot at the beach, and it is summer now, there is no better time to shoot at the beach!  Especially if they are clothing optional. 😉