Understanding Value

This new age of photography has really made me want to pursue other ways of being a photographer.  The biggest turn off today is social media.  Ironic I know as I write about it here on a blog.

I received a message from a model this morning regarding her rates for a shoot.  $350 an hour.  Simply because she has a fairly large Instagram following.  Yes she has a good look, but so do many agency models and I can get them for less than what she wants.

Here is why Instagram works and doesn’t work.  This model places her value based upon her followers.  But her followers just want to see her in various states of undress.  That doesn’t do shit for my business.  She has behind the scenes videos of her on Periscope and on her Instagram, she is constantly posting videos and photos of herself on set.  This actually devalues any original concept I may have because I want to publish my ideas, not her and definitely not behind the scenes when it doesn’t look like it should.

Instagram works for her because it makes her popular.  It won’t sell my brand, it won’t sell my art, it won’t sell me.  I might just get a few more guys following me who want to see models in various states of undress.  Which if they look hard enough they can find me anyway.

Olivia by The Average Jim

Currently I am working on something new, I’m still a photographer but I am working hard at becoming a real artist with my work.  New conceptual ideas, books, apparel and more.  I am at a point where I need to think bigger than social media and sending out free images to the world all willy nilly.

Olivia by The Average Jim

Some of the new concepts I have are very bold and provocative.  Provocative in thought and in content.  This is how I wish to send my message of whatever it is I am thinking at the moment into the world.  I personally choose not to do it through someone else’s Instagram where I am just a footnote, just a simple @theaveragejimsplayground and that is it.  100 hashtags to get followers, but only one little “oh by the way” about the guy who created the idea and image in the first place.

Olivia by The Average Jim

I’m not bitter, just realistic.  Your million followers don’t give two shits about me.  Therefore if you are a model placing your value on your social media following it doesn’t mean anything to me.  I base your value on your portfolio and how well you understand my concept.  If you just want to get paid I’m sure some guy out there will love to pay you to see you naked in person.  I’m just not that guy.