Yes, I’m Selfish.

I’m getting bored with just being a photographer.  I’m just being honest.  I have many more creative ideas that I really wish to pursue, of course most of these ideas still involve photography at some level.  So I’m not bored of taking photos, I’m more bored of the limitations of what being a professional photographer is.

Yes, photography as a profession can be very limiting.  It can also be an incredible creative outlet, but I personally want more.  Maybe I’m selfish, which is true to some degree, but I really want more.

I had an incredible session yesterday, like seriously good.  It was a mentoring session and we had the opportunity to photography Olivia again.  I say we as myself and my student.

This session seriously made me want to make the changes I have been thinking of for about a year or more.  Strictly creative shoots, and anything commercial is for my own brand.  But I’ll talk more about that soon.  Right now I’m ready to start editing the session from yesterday.

Smoke’em if you got’em. 😉