What am I talking about?

I haven’t posted lately mostly because I’ve been busy and distracting myself by working on my friends new house among other projects.  I am also back to mentoring and throwing myself into a new photography project.  No matter what I do it sucks me back in.

In a little over a week I have a very cool mentoring session happening and honestly it has got me excited about photography again.  My “student” is actually someone who seems to really get what my work is about, intellectually he really understands what I am going for.  And honestly this is pretty cool.  No matter what type of artist you are you always hope that someone understands your intentions and it is fucking awesome when it happens.  We will be working with one of my new favorite models too so this will be a very fun day!

Speaking of favorite models, I had a great shoot with Brittney again a while back.  We have shot several times now and every time I love it.  It is always cool working with her, no drama, up for just fun good shots!  Plus she is a really good model!  Gotta love that!

Sometimes I don’t have a fucking clue what I’m doing with my career these days.  I do alternative nude shoots, random editorials, lifestyle portfolio shoots, and I’ve got a new project pending which will take about a year to complete.  My work and life are about as random as today’s blog post.

Brittney by The Average Jim

With this new project I will be working with two models and it will also be as random as this blog post.  There are no limits, no rules, and it will be up to us how often we shoot and what the shoot consists of.  I like this type of work, because even I don’t know what is going to happen and every day could be a new concept.

Brittney by The Average Jim

If anyone can tell, I have been writing this post over the past few hours and it is totally random in thought, plus I have been drinking this whole time so it is not as coherent as I would normally like it to be.  But oh well, that is me.  Love me or hate me, I am a drunken mess at the moment and enjoying every minute of it.  It also might be time for a smoke break…. not a cigarette either.

Brittney by The Average Jim

So for now here are some photos of my shoot with Brittney, everything else is just me rambling on about stuff.  So I’ll end it here. 😉