Some People Know Everything

Yeah, I’m totally going to come off as an ass, but I really cannot care about that right this second.  So I had decided to sell some old gear on Craigslist, big mistake.

One guy already told me the details on my camera were wrong, funny those specs came straight from the owner’s manual you fucking idiot!  Another one complained that the camera was dirty, it has some dust because it has been in use in a studio you fucking twat!  Cameras are tools, not precious gems that are meant to be hidden away in a display case.  Especially for the price I was asking, half of what you could get them on Ebay for because they are used cameras and I just wanted to unload them.

This is why I say I hate some photographers.  There is a specific type of photographer who reads all the magazines, goes to all the conventions and listens to everything these tech geeks say about creating an image like it is the word of god.  Well it isn’t.

My cameras are what I said above, they are tools to help me create my vision.  That’s it, no more, no less.  I love my cameras but I also love my old hammer, the first one I bought myself.  It is beat up, dusty, dirty and I love it!  Same goes for my first 35mm, it is dusty, beat up, dirty and I have to tape the back to keep the light leaks out.  But I love it!

These fucking idiots who have to check a histogram to know if an image is good drive me insane.  Wow, you took a well lit photo, it has absolutely no soul and no intellectual quality, but it’s pretty.  FYI, you can take pretty pictures on auto too.

Heather by The Average Jim

I really wanted to be nicer as I got older, but this opened up the door to dumbass people like those who responded to my ads today.  I pulled the ads and I’m keeping the cameras out of spite.  I wouldn’t sell to these fools even if it meant I couldn’t pay my rent!  Nothing like coming home after a shitty couple of weeks of working my ass off, not blogging, unable to upload to The Archives because I’ve been swamped to decide to sell some gear and deal with ass hats like these two people.

Heather by The Average Jim

There is one cool part about today.  I did find some really old work in my own archives!  I’ve shared some here today.  Not my most creative or most artistic work ever, but it was a quick test shoot in my old old studio.  For some reason I really wanted to shoot with a vintage vibe, not a cool, hazy kind of moody vibe.  Just a weird 1973 cheap studio vibe.  But I still kind of dig it.  The model, Heather, she wanted this old style boudoir, kind of like what her mom had done back in the day.  Weird maybe, but it was a lot of fun!

Heather by The Average Jim

I’ll load these to The Archives tonight or tomorrow, as soon as I get back to my desk!