Yahoo Sucks

Yahoo must really hate me.  First, about two years ago, they sold my domain.  It says on my Yahoo account that I still own it and have it paid up through June of 2017, but they still sold it to some other domain hijacker who buys them when they expire and try to resell it to someone else.

I have proved over and over to Yahoo that I owned it, have the paperwork and all of that, but they said according to their records that they have no record of me ever owning yet I had it for years!

Now, not sure if you know this, but Yahoo owns tumblr.  And guess what, they just fucked me out of my tumblr too!  They refused to update my email because of an error on their end and now they automatically changed my password so I don’t have access and right now it is pending whether or not I will receive access back to my tumblr.

Yahoo fucking sucks balls.  Seriously, I don’t think I want my tumblr back and maybe I should change my name from The Average Jim to The Fucked Over Jim.  Yes, I’m ranting about something that is really irrelevant in real life, but these are services I have paid for, except for tumblr, that is free, but dammit.

This is just one more reason I love this wordpress site.  They have been awesome to me, great customer service and when I pay for something, I actually get it!  How about that!

Des by The Average Jim

Maybe I will just get rid of all other sites, no more instagram, no more facebook, no more website.  Just this site and keep it simple from now on.  Maybe I should change my name.  But what could it be?  I’ve been Jim for so long, who could I be next?

Des by The Average Jim

I could be The Awesome Jim?  The Frustrated Jim?  Slim Jim?  Jimmy Crack Corn because I don’t Care?  The Unbelievably Handsome Jim…. nah, that goes without saying.  Life of Jim?  My life as Jim?  Getting fucked over Jim?  Maybe I’ll just be Jim.

Des by The Average Jim

I’m off to self medicate now, maybe I’ll come up with something better tomorrow.  If not, I’ll still be me, and that is really all that matters. 😉