Turning it up to eleven

I have not had a good rant in a while.  I’ve started a few and then just saved them for later and never went back to them because it just wasn’t worth the effort.  But today I am just so sick and tired of seeing some personalities in the photography industry that I kind of just want to get this out there.

For some reason, no matter how much I try to tell people that I do not play well with others, they keep adding me to these stupid facebook groups of photographers who think they are funny but are really just a bunch of whiny idiots.  Please, do not add me to a group where the photographers think it is funny to rip on their clients (who some of the time are actually in the right) or if you are there for other photographers to tell you how great you are.

A post the other day really pissed me off.  This photographer was complaining because they shot a wedding, an intimate wedding as they put it and the couple didn’t want to be mentioned on her blog.  They were okay with photos but didn’t want their names mentioned.  Well the photographer HAD to write a blog post and the bride and groom didn’t like how they were described.  So she was all in an uproar about this couple.  How about this instead.  They don’t want to be mentioned so just say “this wedding was so amazing that I cannot describe it with words, I’ll just let the images tell the story of their wonderful day”.  How fucking hard is it to take care of your client’s wants?  They are paying you for this!

I have boudoir clients, wedding clients and other clients who do not want their images on the blog, okay no problem.  You’ll never see those clients on any of my sites because they want privacy.  And guess what, they refer me to more clients who seek privacy and then I get booked because I have a record of keeping things private.  What a concept right?

In this same group they also got into the whole RAW vs. Jpeg debate…. seriously, piss off.  This is the biggest waste of my time.  If you want to shoot RAW, then do it and stop telling everyone that “no self respecting photographer would ever shoot jpeg.”  Fuck off, because to the guy who said this, my work is far better than yours and I shoot jpeg.  Apparently you shoot RAW because you need all the help you can get.  Sorry about your luck, don’t blame the camera because you don’t understand lighting.

I deliver the images I wish to deliver and my clients are happy.  And don’t send me stupid emails telling me I’m wrong, or leave comments here saying how I’m wrong.  I don’t care, I won’t answer them and I just say do what works best for you.

Paige by The Average Jim

Today I just got added to yet another stupid group like this.  I keep leaving them but then I keep getting added.  I don’t play well with others.  I stopped trying to teach at photography conventions because of people like this.  Just because you read it in Popular Photography does not mean it is true for every single situation you run into.

I’ve been doing this over 25 years now.  I don’t know everything.  So when someone claims to know everything I seriously doubt it.  And just because you know more technically doesn’t mean you know more about mood, vibe or creating a narrative with one image.  The whole point is to find the path which delivers our vision to the world.

Paige by The Average Jim

And since I brought it up, I sometimes do shoot RAW, because I know the difference between those files and the compressed jpegs and I know how I want the image to look in the end.  This is the most important part to me.  How it looks in the end.  What is the final image and does it represent my vision?

Paige by The Average Jim

I almost thought this was going to be the year of a kinder, gentler Average Jim, but that ship has sailed.  I’m just going to be me and see what happens.  Love me or hate me, I am what I am and I’m turning it up to 11 just because I can.  You can make 10 louder all you want, but I am still taking it to 11. 😉