A Higher IQ

I have really wanted to push boundaries lately.  But not just physically what I shoot, I want to push the intellectual boundaries as well.  I always toy with the intellectual side of my work, and some shoots have a slightly higher IQ than others.  But I want to make people think a little more when they see my work.

Now, I am not out to create some amazing new piece of art, and trust me when I say I am not setting the bar too high!  I am just in a more provocative mood.

I love my fun shoots, running around, having fun and seeing where they end up definitely has it’s place in my portfolio.  But I want to start planning more intense shoots.  Maybe even some ideas which may make people squirm a little.  Either because the idea makes them uncomfortable or because they like the idea and have never wanted to admit it to themselves.

Before you get the wrong idea, I’m not talking about fetish stuff.  I have shot that stuff before and while it can be cool, it isn’t for me.  Although I would love to start shooting video again.  I did a cool one years ago with a fetish model, that was fun and still one of my favorite projects in the past.

I really like what we call “intellectual porn” because well, it isn’t porn.  It may involve nudity but the idea is to make you think a certain way rather than just show all the goods right from the get go.  This is something I really want to add to some of my future shoots.  The intention is what creeps people out, and I love it!

Zabrina by The Average Jim

Zabrina by The Average Jim

Of course I will still have my random shoots where a model is simply running around naked covered in confetti or glitter or something like that, I don’t think I will ever get away from that completely.  But I want to add more mystery, definitely more ambiguity too.  Maybe I need to do two shoots in one from now on.  The goofy shoots which are all about having fun and the dark mysterious shoots all in the same day.  I think I know what I have to do next!

Zabrina by The Average Jim

Today’s images are from a shoot I did years ago with a model/dancer named Zabrina.  This entire shoot has just been added to The Archives.