Keeping it Old School

Yeah, I’m digging through The Archives yet again.  I loaded this shoot yesterday and it was my 2nd shoot with Chelsey.  One reason I really liked working with her was because she had this classic Bridget Bardot, Jane Fonda style and look about her.

I love vintage styles and looks.  There is something very steamy about this style that I really dig.  It also really worked well with my old orange couch!

A make up artist friend gave me this couch, there was a matching love seat but it got left out in the rain and had some funky stuff growing on it.  So I just took the couch, and I should say I happily took it because this thing got some major use!  I can’t even count how many model shoots, boudoir sessions and even some lookbook shoot took place using this wonderful piece of furniture.

I had to sell it before I moved to Palm Springs, it was seriously warn out!  I ended up selling it to a movie prop company who needed a 1960’s vintage couch that they could re-cover.  This was the perfect couch for them.  It was over 8 feet long too, it fit everyone!

But back to this shoot.  Like I had said this was my 2nd shoot with Chelsey and we only had about 30-45 minutes to shoot.  She showed up hair and make up ready and she had one pair of shorts, one shirt and one vest.  It kept everything simple and it just worked out perfectly.  Well at least in my opinion it did!

Chelsey by The Average Jim

How I shoot really determines what I am going for.  If I want that vintage look I will have a certain type of lighting I will use or sometimes even use a vintage camera.  But I also like to talk to my models and really get into the mood of what I want to shoot.  I remember sending photos of Jane Fonda to Chelsey and she loved the ideas.  It was too cold to shoot at the beach so we decided to utilize my studio and this funky couch.

Chelsey by The Average Jim

Every time I go back through this session I find a new favorite image.  I only ended up working with Chelsey one more time after this shoot, we just kind of drifted apart thinking we would work together again and we just never did.  It is funny how this industry does that.  You meet some amazing people, get along really well and shoot some great stuff together and then it just stops.  No hard feelings or anything like that, life just gets in the way and schedules don’t line up.

Chelsey by The Average Jim

I guess with having shot with so many people just once I should feel lucky to have had several models who want to keep coming back for more!  I have definitely had a very lucky run in my career, I won’t start complaining now!

Chelsey by The Average Jim

And FYI, all three shoots of Chelsey are in The Archives. 😉