The Last Ride

This is the very last shoot to take place in my old Mercedes.  Olivia came by for a shoot a couple of weeks ago and at the last minute we decided to shoot in the Benz.  It wasn’t planned, although in the past I would try to get every model I could to shoot with this car.

I told Olivia about my book, Naked Travels, and when I asked her what she wanted to wear she said “Well if it’s called Naked Travels I should be naked.” I’m not one to argue so she hopped in the car which was parked in my garage and we did a quick session.

Less than a week later I had to sell this car.  I had it for 5 years and originally purchased it for a whopping $795.00.  But with all of the traveling, and so many things going wrong I ended up selling it for $300.00 to a couple of guys who restore these glorious machines.

As much as I hated to see it go, now looking at the oil stains on the driveway and looking at my new Mercedes in the garage, I think it may be time to start Naked Travels 2.  I will definitely bring Olivia back for this project as we have already discussed this and I think I know where I want the first trip to be to.

This was one of my favorite projects of the past 10 years.  For some reason everyone seemed to have their own take on how to pose in this car.  Some became very uninhibited while others became completely different characters. It was really interesting to watch the change in some personalities.  I had one boudoir client who really wanted to pose in this car, and in her words (just like Olivia) she said she had to be naked in the back of the car!Olivia by The Average Jim

Olivia by The Average JimEven though this is a German car, it is very American to mix women and automobiles together.  It is the fetish of the mid-west! It is so ingrained into our society that we celebrate it with movies (think of Megan Fox in Transformers) and with TV commercials, Paris Hilton Carl’s Jr. Commercial.  The music video for “These Boots Are Made for Walking” by Jessica Simpson she washed the General Lee in just a little bikini.

Olivia by The Average Jim

Olivia by The Average JimI’m not claiming to be original on this project, it has been done before and will continue to be done by myself and others.  Now I will just be doing it in a newer version of my old car.  Can’t wait to start this next chapter in the Naked Travels series!

Olivia by The Average Jim