Anti-Social Media

I had a funny conversation with a model recently.  I have mentioned how I like to talk a lot during my shoots.  But the topic of social media came up and I was saying how I like tumblr over Instagram.  We were joking around and she said I was old because I like tumblr.

I said it was a matter of preference and I really like how tumblr doesn’t censor you.  Instagram feels more corporate to me and is more about instant gratification rather than it being a place to showcase your work to a broader audience.  I described it like this.

Tumblr is like how Burning Man used to be and Instagram is like what Burning Man is now.  They are both awesome, but in different ways.  Now you need to have a shit ton of cash to go to Burning man, it is more corporate and the old school people do feel a little left out as they are not able to attend what they helped make great.  But see, tumblr still accepts us the way we are.

I hear about people getting kicked off of Instagram all the time.  But models will then build a huge following, get tons of likes and suddenly they are Insta-famous!  But we don’t know how far this will take you or how long your fame will last.  There are people who have huge followings but the people outside of your Insta-bubble have no clue who you are.

Tumblr fame is different.  Mostly because the followers on tumblr are a little more involved.  If you become a narcissistic dick wad, they will probably abandon you.  It isn’t about fame, it seems to be more about content and who you are, money and fame are okay, but being cool and being a community is more important.

Anneliese by The Average Jim

I could be completely wrong with my theory.  Maybe I am old and maybe I just don’t care.  Instagram is where I go when I want to be quickly entertained, tumblr is where I end up spending way too much time scrolling through the feed!  It is a place where you can see a stupid cat video and then some weird porn gif right next to each other from the same user.  It is scary and awesome all at the same time.

Anneliese by The Average Jim

All in all they are both fun and kill way too much of my time throughout the day.  But if I am old then I have grown up exactly how I hoped.  A dirty hippie with a damn the man attitude and what other people think of me is none of my business.  And yes I was saying that long before it became a meme on Instagram or tumblr. 😉