Farewell Old Friend

Today is a very sad day at The Average Jim’s Playground.  The time has finally come to say goodbye to my favorite automobile.  The Mercedes from the Naked Travels series has gone away.  The transmission finally gave out and there were several other issues as well.  The good news is that it went to a good home of a Mercedes mechanic who believes he can rebuild this wonderful machine and restore it as well.

I have had so many sessions in this car.  My boudoir clients loved it, models loved posing in it and it was definitely a character all its own.  I will most certainly miss this car, it was a signature piece of The Playground.  But time moves on and sometimes we must accept change.

Of course this comes on the same weekend that my first shipment of T-Shirts for Naked Travels arrived, the book is being shipped out with a possible 2nd addition already being added with new bonus photos from the very last session in this wonderful car.  And these images are worth adding!

Luckily I have several other ideas in store for Naked Travels 2.  I have a newer Mercedes, crazier ideas and hopefully a bigger budget!  I already have a shoot in mind for the first session, and hopefully it will be a sequel like The Godfather Part II, a much better movie, but it means nothing without the original.

For now, here are some of my favorite images from the Naked Travel adventures.  It is a sad day, but the adventures must continue!

Natalia by The Average Jim

Kaley by The Average Jim

Kara by The Average Jim

Robyn by The Average Jim

Desirey by The Average Jim