The Waiting Is The Hardest Part

This has been an amazing week.  I have booked shoots, had an incredible shoot!  Seriously cannot wait to share the images from this shoot, but I am waiting to hear back from publications first….. ugh Tom Petty was right, the waiting is the hardest part.

I love it when things start coming together.  I am one step closer to my goal of just being able to shoot the things I want to shoot the way I want to shoot them.  I’ve had some amazing backers over the past year and luckily I have added a couple more recently.  This has been an amazing year so far and I really hope things keep going in a positive direction.  Even with the BS I went through with people trying to share the link and password to The Archives I realized that all of this is for the positive.

The funniest thing is that as soon as I ended my Patreon site, Patreon sends me an email about how they have added a “blocking” feature to where you can block people you don’t want to deal with.  Apparently I am not the only one who is not happy with some people.

But on a more positive note.  The Archives are going strong, I’m adding a killer shoot today!  These are the images from Roarie and Lola from my first time shooting with them.  This was a great day which has since turned into a good friendship.

Roarie by The Average Jim

Roarie was just getting started as a model and we had been planning a shoot.  Lola had another shoot booked but had to cancel as they had just one car and her shoot was about two hours from my studio.  So Roarie just brought Lola with her.  That totally worked out for all of us!

Lola by The Average Jim

We shot all day, in studio, on location, back to the studio, another location, it was awesome!  They both came back the following week as well for a quick shoot, which I will be sharing soon too.

Roarie by The Average Jim

Roarie by The Average Jim

Lola ended up moving to Nebraska and Roarie is now traveling the world, but I have shot with Roarie several more times, I really need to add those shoots to The Archives asap!  I could have an entire week of Roarie!  But I think I’ll stretch it out a bit longer.


This has been a great week, can’t wait to share images soon from my shoot with Olivia North, but I am more than happy to share these images from The Archives of Roarie and Lola!