Go For It

I’m not quite sure where this week has gone already?  It’s Wednesday, I have been swamped all week, I have a model coming in tonight to shoot tomorrow (which should be awesome) and I have so much work to do before she gets here!

I am also planning another shoot for later this month, I hope it all comes together!  I have been working on this idea forever, or at least it seems like forever and it is finally coming into play.  Running a business and trying to be an artist who doesn’t always play by the rules is not as easy as it seems.  But if I am being honest, it is just as much fun as it seems!

If there is something I have learned, especially today after hearing about an ill friend, have fun.  Don’t let life get you down and make sure you get as much enjoyment out of your life as possible!  Do what you love, don’t listen if someone is telling you to be something you’re not.  Have faith in yourself and go for it!  Whatever “it” may be.