Obsession and Experience

There is something really cool about doing your own thing.  I have said before how I feel like I’ve got this cult following, which fucking rocks by the way.  I don’t get bombarded with questions on my tumblr about what camera I use or stuff like that.  But I will get emails and messages from people who just drop by to say they dig what I do.  That is pretty cool.

I don’t need it all out there for everyone to see how “cool” I am, I don’t use the internet to validate my existence.  If anything I use the internet to blast my ideas out into the universe.  I’d be blogging here whether or not people actually came to view and occasionally read stuff on my site.  Blogging to me is not asking for validation, if anything it is validating the conversations I have with the voices in my head.

Anyone who knows me knows I am obsessed with the 70’s.  I love old movie posters, grainy movies and prints.  I love that over (and under) saturated look of expired film.  There is so much to be said for imperfection.  When you don’t work with the best equipment sometimes you have to rely on your own ideas and concepts.  Also, when I work with older cameras, I feel like I am transported into the past and must use all of the same technology from the era.

I know, sounds weird, but photography is an experience for me.  When I first moved to Palm Springs and saw that I had an abandoned country club behind me and desert to the side, I was in heaven!  I remember when Joanie contacted me and I instantly had an idea of what I wanted to shoot.

Joanie by The Average Jim

The theme was “Last Resort” and it was kind of two fold.  One being this is an abandoned resort, but also like the movies of the 70’s, she was playing a character who was acting out her last resort.  I know it’s cheesy and all of that.  But this is how my brain works at times.  I can’t help it, this is me like all the time!  I guess this would fall under my Americana Glam style.  That whole idea of vintage American movies from the 70’s.

Joanie by The Average Jim

I know this shoot took place a while back, but I had to go in and redo some of the edits and add a few more.  Right now I’ll just share a few.  I’ll have more coming soon! I love revisiting shoots and editing after time has passed.  Sometimes you get a slightly different perspective than before.