No More Middle-Men

I tried, but sometimes the internet just sucks.  I had a Patreon site that seemed to be working.  Until one jackass decided they wanted to try and share the link and password to The Archives with everyone in some sleazy group online.  I caught it in time to make sure this wouldn’t happen, but seriously, people just suck sometimes.

There were also other issues with Patreon so I had to close it down.  And of course, after I closed it they decided to charge people who had pledged.  I will of course honor all those who were charged and have already sent a message for them to contact me.  But, looking back, Patreon was a bad idea.  I will keep The Archives going, but people need to purchase the access directly through me.  This also means I can keep the quality up as high as possible!

I’ve had a decent run with crowd funding, but I’m over it.  I’m still having issues with my Naked Travels book being delivered on time, or even close to being delivered on time.  If it doesn’t go out this week I will have to find a new publishing company.  I didn’t even go with the lowest bidder, but maybe I should have.

I have a lot of things on my plate every single week so when these little hiccups happen it takes away from what I am actually trying to accomplish.  I still have website designs to finish for this site and decide if I am going to keep my other site or not.  I only have about 25,000 images to go through to decide what will go into my new online portfolios as well and loading more images to The Archives.

Betcee May by The Average Jim

This seems to be the problem when you bring different types of technology into the mix.  Patreon has their way, Indiegogo has their way, my book publisher obviously has their own way.  I wish I could do everything in house and get rid of the middle-man.  I would love to just hire someone to be my assistant for all of these little things.  But that really isn’t a logical choice for me.  I can’t afford an assistant full-time (or part-time) and I can’t bind my own books. But I can make my own prints and run The Collector’s Circle, so this is where I will be focusing my efforts from now on.

At least this is one hurdle I feel I can get over today!  There are a few others as well, but this one was the big one!  I just want to keep focused and pushing forward with my work.  Some days you feel like giving up and just packing up shop, but I will not let that feeling take over.  I’ve been doing this too long to let anything get in my way.

Danielle by The Average Jim

So you can expect more changes on this site, all positive changes, and watch out because I am very motivated and am in the mood to drive over anything or anyone in my path to get to where I want to be.  I have a vision, now lets see what I can do to bring it to life!

Oh and by the way, all photos in this post are from shoots which are currently in The Archives… just sayin’… 😉