The Average Expansion

When you decide you want to focus on art and stop shooting commercial work you notice one major change.  The lack of money in your bank account.  But there is a certain satisfaction of knowing you are doing what you want to do rather than what someone else is telling you to do.  It seems as though I have been striving my whole life trying to find this balance of work versus art.  Now that I have the opportunity I am choosing art and picking up side gigs to help fund it!

If your main job is as a working photographer you tend to pick up any job that pays because you never know where your next paycheck could be coming from.  The downside of this is that you end up shooting corporate gigs which lack creativity, weddings, portraits and sometimes even baby portraits!  Personally, I’m no baby photographer!

Now I am no longing looking to make money as a photographer to fund my art projects which slowly end up funding themselves.  They end up funding themselves because I will sell prints, books or whatever I have to sell to break even or sometimes even turn a profit!  I have a handful of people who help support my art now.  They either join my Collector’s Circle, buy my art, they look forward to my monthly newsletters which have all the info about my new shoots and what will be in The Archives.  Even though the number isn’t huge, I feel I am surrounding myself with good people who wish to support my photography habit!

Stephanie by The Average Jim

One of my next big purchases will be an investment into wet plate photography!  I have been fascinated with wet plates for so many years but I never knew what to shoot with them, and then it dawned on my.  Just shoot what I do know but with wet plates!  How cool would that be?  I think it would be pretty damn cool!  The shots I have posted here today were taken over a year ago, but imagine if I could shoot this style with my large format camera and wet plates.  Wet plates are basically old fashioned style prints.  Just google wet plate and you’ll see what I mean.

With the support of my art buyers and contributors of my Patreon I am pushing forward to expand the horizons of The Average Jim’s Playground.  I really wish to explore the depths of photography I have yet to explore.  Yeah, it is time to totally let out the photo nerd who lives inside of me!

Stephanie by The Average Jim