Keeping it Personal

I made a huge mistake last night.  I commented on a post about the industry on Facebook!  What was I thinking?  A “model” made a post about someone offering her work and the rate was beneath her normal rates so she wanted to “out” this “jerk” on the internet.  I made a logical response and of course the first thing she did was tell me how my post and thoughts were irrelevant.  She went on to tell me how she ran her own agency in the past, and would never pay for a photographer, because you know, paying someone when you’re a model is a red flag and a “scam” and you should run away if anyone asks you for money.

I tried to have a logical conversation with her but she was going to be right no matter what you tried to say to her.  Her opinion was right.  I was nice and didn’t fall for her trolling or ignorance.  Whichever it was.  But this is why I don’t do a lot of work with wannabes in the industry anymore.  When she said to me “why would a model every pay you?” I felt like saying, I took a look at your portfolio, maybe you should hire someone.  But I was nice and didn’t go down that road.

Right now the only real paid work I take on is the occasional wedding, which happen a lot more than you’d think.  Boudoir sessions which are kept private and out of The Archives, sorry.  A few other private sessions and the every so rare these days commercial shoot.  My goals have switched to selling prints, books and even digital files!  I really like how my Patreon is working too.  It is a slow and steady income, but it helps me create the work I wish to create.  Plus when someone buys the work you created, it just makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside!

Kendra by The Average Jim

My goals for the very near future are to shoot some very cool concepts, I don’t have the funds saved up yet for all of the ideas, but the ones I do have planned are going to be awesome!  Can’t wait for the next couple of months to happen!  I love personal projects!

These are from a personal project I titled “The Seduction Sessions”, this is Kendra.  This entire shoot was just loaded to The Archives today.

Kendra by The Average Jim