A Time in Our Lives

I know I have talked about my method before, but it does change from time to time.  Slightly change.  But here is something that I would love for most people to understand.  My work is not for everyone!  My personality is not for everyone!  So if you don’t like what I do, just go look at some other photographer’s work.

For some reason people love to assume they know what I am like based on the work that I do.  But I do have one question.  Why the fuck do you think I would be some misogynistic asshole?  Yes, I take photos of women, a lot of the time in very little wardrobe if any at all.  But (as I have said before) they come to me because I don’t treat them like objects!  I refuse to defend what I do anymore.   Also, it is rude to just assume that I do this to be around women.  Artists from all different genres have been painting, drawing, sculpting and photographing women for centuries!  I’m pretty sure this subject matter isn’t going away anytime soon.  In fact, a lot of the times the subject matter comes to me, I don’t always go looking for it.  But when they come looking for me, I think I may know why.

Personally I like to take my time when I shoot.  Very often I have never met or even spoke on the phone with the person who steps in front of my lens.  So getting to know someone very quickly is something I have to do a lot.  I do like a relaxed atmosphere when I shoot, whether it is the music, the environment, the snacks and/or sometimes the wine.  I don’t supply it, but several of my clients have brought it!  I know a lot of photographers like to have wine or alcohol at their shoots, I just like it when my subject brings it to me too!

Maybe I have a different view of life?  But I just don’t see the harm in hanging out with a nude stranger enjoying a glass of wine.  Maybe it is because I have good intentions?  Maybe it is because I am a photographer first?  I love being able to photograph people the way I love to photograph them.  It has been called boudoir photography, fashion photography, glamour photography and beauty photography.  I’ve also heard it called smut, porn, garbage and an assortment of different names by people who are too conservative and wound up way too tight to ever understand.  But fuck them.

This is why I say I am not for everyone.  I definitely cater to a specific niche of clients who want what I do.  Not just the photography, but the whole vibe and mood of what I bring to the session.  My personality is 100% reflective in what I shoot.  I have had so many wonderful clients over the years and some flat out amazing shoots!  There are a few that are private sessions that I can never show to anyone, and I really wish I could!  Those sessions were so much fun and the people I met were just amazing.  I love making that connection with people, even if it is for only an hour or two at a time in our lives.

Julia by The Average Jim