Quality Control Freak

I love it when a plan comes together.  Yes I am quoting Hannibal from The A-Team.  Right now all of my plans are slowing but surely coming together.  The beginning phases of the new and improved Average Jim’s Playground has begun!  Within the next month or two I will have created, what I think will be, the greatest glamour studio that could possibly come out of this head of mine!

I know some people call me a fashion photographer, but this is the west coast, fashion here has a lot to do with glitz and glamour!  I’m cool with being a glamour photographer, it is actually a lot of fun!  I have had some amazing clients over the years.  I shot boudoir for many years and will most likely get back into it after I get all of my ducks in a row at the new playground.  Of course this also means a total website overhaul again.  This is the part I always hate.  This is also why I probably have several different sites!  But I think it may be time to combine them all into one outrageous site!

The whole idea would be to showcase my editorials and published works along side of personal projects, my boudoir photography and even the new art pieces I’m working on.  I have a definite variety of styles within my own style, why not show it all off at once?  Maybe it is the narcissist and daydreamer in me, but I think it could all be stronger by doing so.

I never think of myself as a control freak, but I’m starting to realize I like doing everything myself.  I like building the sets, styling the shoots, if I could do hair and make up I would!  I shoot, direct, edit everything in post production and also decide what goes on the site and what stays private or just in the archives.  This is all part of my vision for what I wish to create.  So yeah, it is all about quality and all about control.  But in the end I get to deliver images which come straight from the mind of The Average Jim.  I am not a control freak, I am a quality control freak.

Jordan by The Average Jim