The Average Download

People tend to just want to look at pictures on their computer these days.  There are very few who really want prints of anything.  I know some of my work probably would not be appropriate for hanging on the walls, of course that is the reason why some people have purchased prints from me!  But overall, these days people want to see digital files.  Wedding clients want digital files, boudoir clients want digital files, magazines are going all digital.  You can either fight it or go with it.  I am going with it!

I will still offer prints, books and other items.  But I am going to offer more digital files, everything from viewing to downloads!  Why not right?  I know some people will just steal the images from this site or my tumblr, but they will do that no matter what.  Thieves will be thieves, it is part of doing business in the digital era.  Sucks but I can’t waste my time on people who have no respect for what I do.

I already offer the opportunity to view The Archives, and now I will be offering a digital download of high-res files for your viewing pleasure.  These sessions cannot be seen anywhere but via the download and can even be signature series where you are the only one to get the shoot!  I even have it set up where you get to pick the model!  If you’re interested email me at prices start at $500.00

Enough of the sales pitch, here is what you came here for anyway. 😉

Charlie by The Average Jim