Focus On What You Love

Of all the things I have learned over my career there is one that stands above all the rest.  Focus on what you love.  Bad shit and negative vibes are always going to come and go, you can’t stop it and trying to stop it is just a waste of energy.  But when you focus on what you love, when you put your energy towards the positive, the negative has less of an effect on you.  The road may not always be easy to travel on but when you know where you are going the journey is worth it!

Okay, so I’m being a little philosophical here.  But here is a very small example.  I was looking for a specific prop for a future photo shoot.  I thought I had found it, but the person who had it never responded to my email and eventually I figured they sold it to someone else.  After all, it was a killer deal but I didn’t get to it in time.  Instead of dwelling on the negative and being pissed that I didn’t get it, I changed my approach.  I did everything from searching websites for it, I even got notifications whenever someone would post in a specific category on Craigslist!  I did everything I could to make sure I didn’t miss the next opportunity.  And today it payed off!

Instead of getting one prop I got two!  You’ll be seeing them in the very near future, but it ended up being far better than the original deal I had found.  And this was me focusing on the positive and focusing on what I love.  I have been using this philosophy in my personal and professional life for the past couple of years and it has made a huge difference in my life.  I only think about what I want to do.  I then do everything I can to make it happen.  Sometimes I have to save extra cash, sometimes I have to come up with a crazy idea of how to raise funds.  Luckily I have some killer supporters of my work who help me, even if it is only $7 at a time!  But you have no idea how much I appreciate it!

Everything I have been doing over the past year is to get me to this point in my career.  I am pushing myself creatively and as a business owner/artist.  I am not a traditional artist so why I should I try to be traditional in the way I sell my work?  I choose to think of positive ways I can get my work into the hands of the people who want it.  Even if it is only the digital files, or a single print.  I have spent over 20 years working on my photography and I feel as though I am just starting to understand what it is I want to do with it!  I feel like I finally realize why it took Helmut Newton until he was in his mid 40’s to get famous!

Today was a good day!  Lots of positive things happened and I can’t wait for my next shoot!  Here is one from The Archives of Jessica, this was an awesome shoot!

Jessica Today by The Average Jim