A Mini Playground?

I have been loading more and more images to The Archives every single day!  This is really taking me down memory lane.  Some of these shoots were so much fun and I ended up meeting some amazing people because of it.  Others, well if I’m honest, I am happy to have only shot with them once!

This is an amazing industry.  You meet all different types of people.  And sometimes you end up meeting new people because of the people you just met.  This is how I got a lot of my bookings in the past.  I would work with one model, her friends were models and suddenly I’d book 3 or 4 shoots from the one I just booked.  These were good times, almost makes me want to open a small studio in LA, if I could find a place that was actually affordable in or near LA! HA!

Going through the archives really makes me enjoy what I get to do.  While some of these sessions I don’t think I would ever do again, because I have to be honest here, they were not my best work or the model just didn’t get the concept or both.  But the good far outweighs the bad!  I have a couple of shoots that I will be loading soon that I never thought I would show anyone, but part of doing things this way is to show everything I can.  Granted, I don’t upload private clients images and there are some images I shot specifically for one reason or another that will not be accessible in the archives, and then there are exclusive shoots which were done strictly for art and only the members of The Collector’s Circle will have the opportunity to view and purchase those images.

But I kind of miss shooting as much as I was shooting back in the day.  I’d have several shoots every single week, okay maybe I’d prefer one or two a week now.  But maybe I should consider finding a shared space studio in LA, after all, that is where the models are!  Maybe a little mini-playground away from the big playground?  Just a thought… I wonder if I could make it happen.  Anything is possible. 😉

Codi by The Average Jim