The Average Day

I have so much going on these days that I have not had the chance to blog as much as I have wanted to lately.  Between running a business, helping my wife run her business, booking shoots, creating books, uploading to The Archives I end up running out of time for the blog!  But this is my release, this is where I come to just be me and talk about whatever photography topic I wish to talk about.  Or what is bothering me about the industry.

Of course not too much bothers me about the industry anymore because I avoid it as much as possible.  It is too filled with drama.  People let their super fragile ego get in the way of friendships and always have this false sense of who they really are.  It is all an act.  I got a call from a photographer I met online and he had some questions about the industry.  I told him I avoid it and he asked me why?  I felt like saying because of conversations like this!  But he is a nice guy and he isn’t the problem, but the industry is trying to suck him in and that is the problem.

There are so many photographers out there who want to prey on other photographers.  And that is what the guy who called me is falling into.  Don’t be their assistant, don’t send them clients, don’t listen to the hype.  They’re all full of shit.  Speaking of full of shit, WPPI sent me yet another email (no matter how many times I unsubscribe) reminding me to register for the convention.  Trying to learn photography from WPPI is like trying to learn how to drive Formula 1 from a car salesman!  Yes there are some good teachers, but this place only exists to make money off of you.

This is why I only do one workshop every year or two.  I am busy being a photographer and it takes a lot of work being a working photographer.  And it really doesn’t always pay that well!  But it is what I love to do so that is why I do it.  Shit, half of what I do never pays unless I sell an art print!  I do a lot of personal projects and art projects.

I probably won’t do a workshop this year.  I am way more focused on creating new art pieces and getting my work in the hands of those who wish to own a piece of what I do.  To me this is what motivates me.  I don’t care about what other photographers think of me.  I do what I do.  And now it is time to upload more images to The Archives, making a living $7 at a time. 😉

I just loaded this shoot to the archives yesterday!  More on the way today!

Amanda Harris by The Average Jim