Self Entitlement Kills

It always amazes me at the self entitlement some people have.  I think part of it is the people they surround themselves with.  Last year I would not have blogged about this, mostly because I was trying to keep everything positive, which I still tend to do.  But sometimes you just need to get things off your chest.

I was in communication with a model in regards to a photo shoot.  Something creative that I had wanted to do for a long time and she had a good look for what I was wanting.  But then she hits me with “I need your email so I can send you the release I use.”  My first thoughts were, oh shit, here we go.  And I was right.

So apparently her asking rate of $650.00 is just to allow me to use her image in my portfolio, my social media and that is it.  I would not be allowed to use her name, even though she uses her name so it is not like she is wanting privacy.  But I would also not be allowed to tag her name in social media, not on my website or anywhere else.  I could never use the images for editorial (which does not require a release legally anyway, nor does art) but I also cannot sell art prints.  So basically I would be paying her for my own portfolio use only.  Sorry, but this is total bullshit.

Here is why it is bullshit.  I am not against models getting paid at all.  But for the limitations she put on the usage I can get agency models to test with for free and they will allow me to submit to publication most of the time.  And I can use their names! At least their stage names.  Why in the world would I pay someone for something I can get for free?  It is the same reason models don’t have to pay photographers anymore.  There are plenty out there who will do it for free!  We may not like it, but this is the current world of photography and modeling.

Of course she told me, or her “manager” told me that her commercial rates are much higher.  I do not wish to sell the images commercially, I just wanted to be able to use images in the legal way I am allowed to use them.  Not with her unrealistic limitations.  This self entitlement is crazy.  She isn’t a celebrity, hardly has a following, is signed to a very small agency (which I do not shoot with that agency anymore anyway for different reasons) but even though she does not meet the height requirement she does have a great look and poses very well.  But that alone does not make you worth more than 90% of the agency models in LA.  I have worked with celebrities who have fewer requirements!

Needless to say this shoot isn’t going to happen, and I didn’t really have the budget to pay her what she wanted anyway.  But the nail in the coffin was her own release.  Why in the world would any photographer pay someone to not be able to actually use the images?  Normally that is why you pay someone.  I don’t need an agreement to put images in my portfolio, that is a given with copyright law.  Oh well, I’m moving on to the next shoot idea and I already have models lined up for these shoots!  And they have just as good of a look and a far better attitude!  Can’t wait for the next shoot!

The good part is that I have a great history of working with incredibly cool and professional models.  This is what keeps me going and what makes me want to continue shooting.  I can honestly say that the good definitely outweigh the bad!  Plus I have contacted a major agency and they will be sending me models to pick from to replace this last one who I feel was unrealistic.  I guess I ended up winning in the end anyway.

Here is a shot from a model who was awesome to work with!  And she came with her own release as well.  Of course hers was a full release given to her by her management company because they didn’t want any additional things added to a standard model release.  True professionalism and a killer attitude!  She was also a Cybergirl of The Month, on Big Brother and has her own company now among many other accomplishments.  A good attitude and good management will take you very far!

Kimberly Kisselovich by The Average Jim