It is all about The Playground

Sometimes my ideas might be a little too big!  But I probably would not be where I am at today if I didn’t think this way.  I have a huge idea, no idea how I’m going to make it happen, but it is going to happen!  My focus for many months has been on what I want to do as a photographer.  A lot of photographers think about how to market themselves to book clients, while I probably should spend more time on that, I instead spend a lot of time thinking of new ideas and how I want to shoot them.

The Average Jim’s Playground is my pet project.  Kind of like my name, it all started as kind of a joke.  Everyone in the industry just knew me as Jim.  “Need a photographer? Just call Jim.” and everyone knew they were talking about me.  Now with the addition of about 25,000 professional photographers in LA alone, I needed to stand out, so I started calling myself The Average Jim.  The nick-name for my studio was “The Playground” simply because it has lots of fun toys in it!  So of course, sticking with my branding (the one thing I kind of do right) it was officially titled “The Average Jim’s Playground” a few years ago.

Now that I have closed my studio and moved to a big house in Palm Springs I have been trying to figure out exactly how to create a new playground.  Now I may have just figured it all out!  The Average Jim’s Playground is all about attitude, style and fun!  I have all these ideas for new props, how to use the old ones, including my beloved Mercedes!  I have many new toys I wish to buy, but not sure how I am going to get the funds just yet.  Crowd-funding is great but I feel like I have to ask for double what I actually need because I have to give out expensive products for people to want to donate to me.

Within the next 5-8 weeks I want to do a killer photo shoot here and have plenty of new props to use!  I’ve already begun to build new sets, test out new areas to shoot and hopefully I’ll get something I found for free on Craigslist!  It is all about timing and hopefully destiny has me pegged for this little gem!

I have lots of work to do!  So I should probably stop writing and start working! 😉

Chelsea by The Average Jim