The In Demand Jim

I never knew I was in such demand!  This has been an amazing week so far!  I’ve booked the clients I have wanted to book so far every single day this week!  Today just made it 4 for 4!  I’m not bragging, I’m just stoked!  I’m also working on setting up an incredible shoot!  This will be the biggest personal shoot I have done in a very long time.  I can’t wait, I just need to confirm the model and date and everything else is set!

I am also going through the idea again of getting rid of my website and just using this as my main site.  It is nice to have a gallery of images available on a traditional website, but I’m not always sure if I still need it?  I have this site, my tumblr, my instagram which I just don’t post enough on, and Facebook is basically worthless these days unless you pay to be seen.  It’s hard to stay in business when you need to pay people to view your work.

This is a decision I always go back and forth on, and honestly it is probably just a waste of time because it probably doesn’t even matter!  People probably don’t even care if I have the other site just as long as I have a place to show my work.

I think the trick to staying in business is figuring out how to not overpay for every single thing people say you need to be in business.  Why would I pay $40-75 per month for a website?  I currently pay $9 a month for hosting, and this is a free blog!  I’m one cheap bastard!  But this allows me to keep a lower price for my services and products!  I learned a long time ago that overhead can kill you.  But there are so many people who want your money.  Advertise here, buy this app for your business to drive customers to you, pay me $200 and I’ll make you $250, maybe.

I want to cut out the middle man.  I want to just deal directly with my customers.  Whether they are buying art, my services, funding my projects or whatever.  It is now just me and them!  So far it seems to be working for me, maybe one day I’ll make enough to have an assistant again?

Here is a shot of my former assistant, Robyn.  One of her sets is getting loaded to The Archives today.

Robyn by The Average Jim