Technology and The Art of Getting Paid

Technology is a wonderful thing!  People love to say how they wish things were the way they used to be.  Not me!  I love advancement, I love how there are so many new ways to share art and to create it!  A lot of people think that crowdfunding is cheating and not a good way to make money.  They say you’re not earning it.  I say bullshit!

If you have an idea, and you are in the process of bringing it to life, that takes hard work!  If you have a product and don’t know who to talk to about getting it funded or your bank or family won’t loan you the money, try a kickstarter!  The whole reason these types of sites exist is because banks have gotten so big and they won’t loan money to the little guy anymore.  We need technology to advance so we can keep artists working and paying their bills so they can keep making art and making life more interesting!

I can understand the old school way of thinking.  There are several new artists out there who do seem to always choose the path of least resistance.  But not everyone does this and those who do will eventually fail.  Unless they are incredibly talented, well then more power to them!  I think I understand this mindset a little better because I have never been a conventional artist.  I have always dabbled in the different.  Not the alternative where you try to be different.  I mean I will take something that is pretty normal and just make it a little off center.  I like things this way, it keeps me honest and on my toes.

I will be setting up another indiegogo soon, simply because I want to and I love doing new projects!  And I also have my collector’s circle which I have made some changes to.  I will also be setting up my Patreon site.  Personally I see nothing wrong with asking people for money to receive my work.  I would love to live in a free market society, but we don’t, so I gots to get paid!

Jana by The Average Jim