The Chosen Few

I saw it again today.  A post by a model now part-time photographer who was seeking a model to expand her photography portfolio.  But she didn’t want to pay the model, just wanted to trade services.  Of course, this model also does not trade her modeling services, she insists on being paid to model.  So she insists on being paid by professional photographers but she will not pay a model when she is not a professional level photographer yet.  You have to love the hypocrisy.

I hate it when money and art collide.  Either you want to create something amazing or you don’t.  But if you’re going to have such strict rules about getting paid maybe you should apply those same rules to others?  Or am I asking too much from people here?  I certainly don’t want to seem out of line.

It also reminds me of a funny story back when I was shooting a ton of portfolio work for models.  I booked a shoot with a model, this was a TF shoot, no money to be exchanged.  And a week before the shoot the model tells me she now has rates of $50/hr with a two-hour minimum.  Well I told her we already had an agreement so I wasn’t planning on paying her.  She said that if she didn’t get paid then she wouldn’t shoot.  I said okay then I guess we won’t be shooting.  She then sent me a message telling me that I owed her money because I canceled less than 48 hours from the shoot and she has a cancellation policy.  I never paid her and she still talks shit about me.  Of course this was the same person who insisted that artists get paid for their work, yet as soon as she started her own business she tried to get everyone to work for free for her.

This is so common in this industry.  Get something for nothing from someone who can’t afford to give.  Free shoots are not free, it takes hard work to do them well.  And “exposure” is not compensation these days, having 1000 likes on Instagram won’t pay my rent!  But what do I know?  Apparently the world revolves around a chosen few.  I’m just here on the outskirts enjoying my time and doing what I love to do.  And that is good enough for me. 😉

Kendra by The Average Jim