Whenever I get frustrated, or if I ever feel like I need to change my pace or make any change in my life I always think of someway to go on walkabout.  Now this doesn’t have to be any grand gesture, it can be as simple as taking a walk on the beach, maybe going on a small road trip or even just taking the afternoon off.

I am definitely one who believes in taking time out from daily life and I truly enjoy the journey on the path of self discovery.  Life is about learning and growing, at least to me it is.  So if things become stagnant do something to bring at least a little bit of change into your life.  Change is good!  Of course don’t go out and quit your job just because you read this….. unless that is what you really want to do, but that choice is yours!  And maybe knowing that you have that option and you are in control of that choice can help guide you in your thoughts.

Life is full of options, it is deciding which options to take and which ones to let pass you by that is the difficult part.  So for now, I’m on mental walkabout.  It will come to me, it always does.