Ghost of Christmas Past

It is no secret that I have an obsession with the 1970’s.  I think I use the memories of my childhood and how I grew up to influence my work.  I have two older sisters and I always remember their friends coming around.  Now I was obsessed with the female form way before my other friends were, which is kind of funny that I never intended to get into this type of work.  I guess the universe wants what it wants!  But I remember seeing girls in bell bottoms and crop tops back in the 70’s and I just loved the wardrobe and whole vibe of the era.  There was a certain innocence to it all.  Maybe it was because I was still a kid or maybe it was because we had just come out of the 60’s and the country still had not processed the whole Vietnam experience yet.

All I know is that I am heavily influenced by my childhood.  Looking back I think I had a pretty cool life as a kid, of course then I see photos of me in checkered bell bottom pants and wonder what in the hell my parents were thinking.  But today is Christmas and I am full of nostalgia and already thinking of new ideas.  Today my present to myself is my inspiration of the past.  😉

Kat by The Average Jim