Stay Relevant

People love to bitch and moan about how things are different now from what they used to be.  Personally, I love change!  I love that technology is changing and it forces us to break from our routines and move with the times.  Some people complain about digital photography and how it has created too many new photographers who don’t know shit.  I’m one of those people.  But I complain about the people who don’t know shit who think they do.  I love digital photography!

Sure I started with film over 20 years ago, okay almost 30 years ago (where does the fucking time go????) But I really like digital photography, first it is technically better for the environment as there are no chemicals.  Second, it is instant gratification!  I remember as a kid begging my parents for a Polaroid camera, I wanted to see my creations immediately.  Of course my parents were smart and didn’t get me one.  They knew I would burn through film at such a fast rate that none of us could have afforded it!

But technology has pushed us forward.  There are different ways of making money as a photographer than there was even 5 years ago.  Things change, either you move with them or you fight them and sometimes get left behind.  I like moving forward, it keeps me sharp and keeps me learning new things and keeps me wanting to try new things with my work.  I love it when people start talking to me about glass plate photography, tin types and large format cameras like it is some new thing.  These are things I did years ago!  We had to learn about these things back in the day if we wanted to know all about photography.  But now I get just as excited when I update my Photoshop!  Some things I like and some I don’t, but it is what it is so I had better adapt!

This is why I love experimenting with new cameras.  One of my latest hobbies is renting cameras and trying them out to see how the sensors react to the way I shoot.  Some handle it better than others.  I tried to shoot with a camera that I really thought I wanted, but the skin tones were terrible!  It was amazing for action and for inanimate objects, but people just looked weird.  It was basically a glorified point and shoot sensor in an amazing camera body.  But I am getting away from my point.

We all love to bitch and moan about things.  Sometimes we even go on long winded rants about these things.  But we have to recognize change if we wish to have continued success.  This doesn’t mean you have to change your style or technique.  It usually means you have to find another avenue for getting paid for your style and technique!  This is what I mean by adapting to the things that are new.  My work still looks like my work, but my clients have changed.

I used to shoot a lot of Look Books, but they stopped paying what they used to.  I then started shooting a lot more boudoir, but then everyone became a boudoir photographer so I started shooting more art and private shoots, and this has gone on for my entire career.  I am shooting the same style, but I am just finding different people to shoot it for.  And technology will help you find your way, you just have to stay in the loop!  It doesn’t mean drop what you’re doing, it means stay informed and stay relevant!  Otherwise you’re just bitching and moaning about an industry which has passed you by.

Jessamyne by The Average Jim