Breaking Tradition

There are certain things in life you must come to understand.  If you are an artist, or think like an artist, you must realize that the general population may not understand what it is you do.  You must also come to the understanding that even some of the people who get what you do, understand what you do and like what you do, may not choose to commission you to do what you do because of what other people may say about it.

Many people are simply afraid to take a risk.  Wedding photography is one of those things that some people are just not willing to take a risk on.  They may like the super artsy shots they see in a photographer’s portfolio but they will still hire a semi-traditional wedding photographer because that is just what you do.  Or is it?  When the musician Beck got married he hired an amazing photographer who shot the entire day on instant Polaroid film.  All artistic, all creative and it was amazing!  Sadly, most people won’t do this.

I have never been part of the pack.  I don’t try to be different I just kind of see things a little differently and I’m okay with being alone with my thoughts most of the time.  But there is something I really want to push for in the next year.  I need to find more people who wish to be a part of my work.  When I worked with mostly models it was easy, there was always someone who wanted something done for their portfolio.  But I want more.  I honestly don’t care about the money to be made, I just want people who want me to photograph them how I see them.  The funny thing is that I get a lot of people who want to hire me, but they always ask if I will still get the “safe” shot or the “must have” shots for mom and dad.  These are traditions which I really want to break!

I know most people will not want what I do for their wedding or a family portrait or anything in the traditional field of portrait photography.  But I am on a quest to seek out those who do want something a little different, or a lot different!  And sometimes not so different but something unique to just them.  It is about personalizing the work to how I see the subject.  I know people who make a ton of money doing the same thing for every client, every time.  But I want more.  It is awesome when someone sees my work and says “I want that for me!”  But it is also cool when they ask me “how do you see this?”  Meaning what are my own ideas for them.  This is where the fun begins.  It is no longer what you have to do it becomes what you want to do.

Here is one from the archives again, a little couples portrait session that was part of my “One Roll” project.

Nichole and Cham by The Average Jim